Municipal Mayor
welcome  As the world of communication technology advances, so should the world of public service. Not only has the internet given the government the opportunity to showcase what our leaders has done and has been doing for its people, it has also created a venue wherein us, public servants, are able to listen and feel the public’s views and opinions. On behalf of my fellow Garcianhons, I welcome you all to the official website of the Municipality of Garcia-Hernandez. We hope you will enjoy your virtual visit to our beloved hometown. We embrace all your comments and suggestions; these are vital to our vision, goal and responsibility to enhance public service. Thank you and Mabuhay ang Garcia-Hernandez !

About Garcia Hernandez

What is known as Garcia-Hernandez today was Sinugboan two centuries ago. The term Sinugboan comes from a Visayan rootword “sugbo” which means “to immerse,” or “to plunge.” Oral history has it that there were several mud pools in the said place which made it an ideal place for deers and other animals, particularly the carabao which is the local farm animal, to wallow-in after a hot and tiring day of plowing the fields. Hence, the natives called the place Sinogboan. It was one of the cabeccerias or political districts of Jagna during the 18th century.


Garcia-Hernandez is blessed with various natural wonders and many are still yet to be developed. Presently, there are two major sites frequently visited by tourists and locals alike, the President Manuel Roxas Campsite and the Our Lady of All Nations Shrine.



Garcia Hernandez Gallery

Pictures of Garcia Hernandez natures wonders.



Team Garcia Hernandez Boholympics 2016

“Good Players Inspire Themselves Great Players Inspire Others”